Cocktails for Peat's Sake! Scotching the Single-Malt Taboo

Cocktails for Peat's Sake! Scotching the Single-Malt Taboo

Join The Museum of the American Cocktail and cocktail expert Michael J. Neff for an exploration of the ways in which single malt whisky can elevate mixed drinks. Classic and modern ideas will be evaluated and sampled under the direction of Michael Neff, playwright and author who opened the famous Ward III and Rum House in New York. Mr. Neff’s cocktails have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other publications, and we are pleased that he will serve as both presenter and drinkmaster for MOTAC’s “Touring the Cocktail” series in Los Angeles. The Three Clubs, a classic 1950s cocktail lounge and one of Hollywood’s secret delights, hosts. Admission is $35 for MOTAC, SoFAB, and USBG members, $40 for all others in advance, and $50 at the door, pending availability.

A light dinner and gourmet chocolates will be served. There is limited space, and advance booking is recommended.

About the Presenters

Michael J. Neff – National Cocktail & Spirits Professional


Michael is a bartender, mixologist, entrepreneur and spirits professional with twenty years behind the stick. He created and curated the spirits menu at Ward III in New York, which was named by GQ Magazine as one of the best places to drink whiskey in America. He has written and lectured around the country about spirits and cocktails, and has been featured in publications as diverse as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Paper Magazine and Esquire Korea. Mr. Neff has consulted with spirits brands from around the world, and currently serves on the advisory board for Avua Cachaça, the first artisanal cachaça in America. He is also spearheading five distinct bars and programs at the storied Clifton’s Cafeteria in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Crafting the Cocktail

Crafting the Cocktail

The Craft in America Center and The Museum of the American Cocktail are pleased to present "Crafting the Cocktail," an exhibition of high-quality, handmade barware that highlights the unique designs inspired by the ways in which we enjoy distilled spirits. The exhibit will be hosted by the Craft in America Center (8415 West Third Street, Los Angeles, CA) and will run December 6, 2014 - February 21, 2015.

Each new wave of alcoholic beverages has arrived in tandem with art movements: ornate Victorian serving pieces are as much a testament to their era as mid-century modern, minimalist, and fanciful tiki items. Now a new era of mixology, introduced by the craft cocktail revolution of the last quarter century, has inspired a wave of sophisticated, elegant, and thoughtful objects created in the service of fine drinking.

Cocktails are inherently craft-centered: making a fine beverage requires an arsenal of tools, materials, and know-how. The process is as fundamental as the product. From the muddler to the strainer, the jigger to the shaker, the tools of the bartender's trade are many and highly specialized. This exhibition will encompass the myriad items in the bartender's toolkit, ranging from the miniscule to the sizeable.

Barware, of course, exists not only for the maker but the drinker as well. Sipping from a whimsical champagne coupe can heighten one's sensation tenfold; so, too, can sitting at a sensuous barstool. Craftsmanship is inextricably linked to the quality of experience.

Used for serving, storage, and display, drinkware is a mainstay of craft history. The variety of forms marks our wide range of occasions: be it a nightcap or a champagne toast, the vessels from which we choose to drink have an impact, enhancing the experience, and even the ritual, of imbibing.

A full schedule of programming, including artist lectures, craft cocktail demonstrations, workshops, and several editions of MOTAC's Touring the Cocktail seminar series, will accompany the exhibition's run and be offered at the Craft in America Center and in venues across Los Angeles.

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